CoronaVirus (COVID-19)

To Our Valued Just In Time Café Customers,

The health, safety and well-being of our customers, vendors, our staff, and families is of utmost importance. Please note that in addition to our normal food handling safety procedures, we have implemented ongoing processes and we are taking every precaution necessary to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus.  We will continue to be here for you as long as local, state, and federal laws allow us to operate.  For more information on what we are doing to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus, click on the COVID-19 link at the top of the page.  

As you are aware, the restaurant industry is greatly impacted by restrictions and closures.  We recognize that our customers make a difference.  Therefore, we would like to thank you for continuing to support us during these unprecedented times.  It doesn’t go unnoticed.  Stay mentally and physically healthy.  We will get through this together. 


In addition to normal sanitizing procedures, our team is taking extra precautions as we battle the spread of the virus.  In order to prevent transmission, we have implemented the following procedures:

  • Per an order from Governor Baker, we are serving food for take-out or delivery only.  Dining in is currently prohibited.  
  • Face coverings are required when entering our restaurant.  If you do not have a face covering, we will ask you to wait outside.  
  • We are practicting social distance standards throughout the restaurant.  Please observe a 6 foot distance from others.  If we observe individuals not observing a 6 foot distance, we will politely ask you to do so.  
  • None of our employees have travelled within the last 120 days and none of our employees currently have travel plans in the near future.
  • We cannot accept customer cups to fill or refill beverages.  We will gladly provide you with a new cup.
  • We have removed all dairy and sweetener options.  Our staff will be glad to assist you with your needs.    
  • Any employee who may not feel well will remain at home.
  • We use gloves in the handling and preparation of all food.  Gloves are routinely changed in accordance with the 2017 Food Code.
  • We constantly wash our hands throughout the day and especially before handling food and applying new gloves. 
  • Our associates are use hand sanitizer between each customer when handling cash or credit transactions at our checkout registers.        
  • All surfaces (including tables, chairs, coffee bar, food preparation areas, doorknobs, handles, and registers) are wiped throughout the day with Clorox Disinfectant Wipes.  A powerful sanitizing spray is applied to surfaces at the end of the business day and allowed to dry. 
  • All food is locally sourced.
  • We continue to monitor local, state, and federal announcements about the Corona Virus.
  • We continue to monitor the Centers for Disease (CDC) website and will make necessary changes where required.

Our organization consistently follows the above procedures throughout the year but more intensely during the fall & winter months when the common cold and Influenza viruses are more prevalent.  The CDC recommends following the same guidelines to prevent the spread of the Corona Virus.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask one of our team members.  

Thank you for your trust in us and your continued pastronage while we all work through these difficult times.

Guy and Ellen Mandel

Owners, Just In Time Cafe