Social Responsibility

We believe that Just In Time Cafe` should be a responsible corporate citizen and have a positive impact on our neighbors and the community in which we operate.  We value the community in which we do business and we are dedicated in embracing our responsibility to improve it.  We strive to make a positive impact.  


     ⇒We are dedicated to servicing the needs of our neighbors.
           ~We are passionate about offering our customers a wide variety of freshly brewed coffees, espresso, food,
             and pastries made with quality ingredients at a reasonable price.
           ~Our store and menus are designed with the working population in mind.
           ~We offer a variety of healthy menu options including several vegetarian alternatives.
       ⇒Food safety continues to be our key focus.  
           ~We strive to service our customers quickly; however, we will never sacrifice safety.  
           ~Our food safety standards comply with the 2013 FDA Food Code.
           ~All employees are trained on proper methods of handling, cooking, and serving food and beverages.
     ⇒We buy fair-trade, certified ingredients.
     ⇒We support local businesses.
         ~When possible, we purchase food, beverage, and other supplies from locally owned businesses.  

     ⇒We are working hard to protect the environment and you.  
          ~We are committed to reducing the amount of water and energy we consume.  We invest in energy efficient appliances, 
             light fixtures and light bulbs.  
         ~In an effort to reduce landfill waste, we use recycleable cups and containers and we offer in-store recycling receptacles.
          ~We refrain from using foam cups and containers.  
          ~We offer reuseable travel mugs and provide a discount to our customers when these mugs are presented for a refill.
          ~We are always looking for opportunities to recycle and reduce waste.  
     ⇒We support local charities.
          ~We are committed to supporting local charities through food donations, events held in our Cafe, and charitable donations.